Diversity is what unites us.

Yeah, and ladies T-shirt & Zip hoodie of this design are available online now :)

Other pictures of the designs: "Turisas - The Varangian Guard" on my Behance


The power of WARLORD NYGARD!!!!!  I love turisas

Ohh I just found a post about my another Turisas work! Thanks for the many notes. Of course, I love Turisas too ;)

Source of the pictures: Turisas “Byzantine”, on my Behance

Hentai Corporation - Equilibristic Brides [CENSORED] (by Hentai Corporation)

Really hentai, really awful. I respect the director, and want the band’s CDs! Keep up the fantastic hentai, please. Love.

I’m still waiting for this awesome movie’s Kickstarter. I want to say “shut up and take my money”.


Gloam (by We Are The Forest)

EYE OF THE STORM | Lovett (by Lovett)

The Vein / Magma (by Dvein)

This week’s commemorative shots on Finnish band Whispered's albums I did their artwork made it high up in the mp3 metal chart after the band's gig in Japan was announced. It's totally amazing…

The artwork of Their first album “Thousand Swords" on my behance:

Whoa, I fond my work on other’s post. Thanks for the so many notes… =)

Source of the pictures: "Rainy Turisas in a Longboat" on my Behance

Whispered’s songs “Hajimari” and “Thousand Swords” are used in this trailer.

World of Tanks - Japanese Tank Tree Trailer (EU) (by World Of Tanks Official Game Channel)

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